A unique cultural oil mill in Italy.

The Olivicola degli Ernici is an organic farm company with a structure of about 1000 square meters. It is in Vico nel Lazio (FR), a 750 m. high medieval village, at the foot of the Ernici mounts, only 60 km south of Rome, in an
area called Upper Ciociaria surrounded by olive groves.

With the Alfa Laval latest generation system, the production of cold pressed extra-virgin organic olive oil is of higher quality.

The recovery and the cultivation of olive groves conjugated with high-technology and professionals such as mill technician and dietitians, allow an educational and informative route known as the Way of Oil: from farm to fork…
Devoted to the extra virgin olive oil production for centuries, we propose a jump into the past, with a visit to the Olive Oil Museum "Pietro Capriati" located in the ancient village of Vico nel Lazio surrounded by medieval walls with 25 towers. All these elements – harvesting, production, professionalism, education, tasting – make our farm a Cultural Oil Mill, unique in the world.


The Olivicola degli Ernici farm company is increasingly becoming a reference model for rural development and a leader in agricultural cooperation processes in the area. Our mission is to offer a biological product that is unique for the cultivars and the high level of professionalism, in order to contribute to our well-being with a healthy and proper diet, founding principle of the Mediterranean Diet.

The Company produces an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as natural and healthy as possible, where the quality is obtained through a careful chain, focused on high quality standards, in accordance with specifications, which identify the areas of cultivation, the processes of the olive harvest and the final oil production.

The company experience allows us to produce a kind of oil with unique scents and flavors, which arise from the traditions and the agricultural specialization of our area, as "the best things are obtained only with the utmost passion": the slogan that accompanies and distinguishes Olivicola degli Ernici company.

Our Oil, a Biological Heart

Over two hundred hectares lie on the hills close to the Ernici Mounts, in a land that belongs to the municipalities of Vico nel Lazio, Guarcino, Collepardo, Alatri, Acuto. The cool and windy climate, typical of this hilly area, allows the cultivation of olive groves without pesticides, mostly in 450/750 m. high terraces, exposed south-south/west.

The Company has a portfolio consisting of approximately 12,000 olive trees, with selected and retrieved Ciociaria cultivars: itrana (wild olive), Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The attention paid during the cultivation, the selection parameters, the collection of olives pressed within 12 hours daily and the cold extraction allow us to guarantee the high quality standards of our Ernico extra virgin olive oil with an organic heart. It is made of an extraordinary blend – fruity, medium-high herbaceous with a sensory note of fresh grass and a bitter and spicy taste – due to the rich natural flora herbs (thyme, mint, oregano, juniper, etc.) present under the olive trees, that enhance the air with pleasant and penetrating aromas affecting the organoleptic qualities of Ernico Oil.

Gallery of our oil mill

An idea is born around the oil, but the project is realized inside the oil.